Saturday, September 25, 2010

Introducing Chayse Aaron Bishop Yates!

Meet Chayse! Chayse was born on September 13th, 2010 at 0110 (AM). He weighed 6 pounds 14.5 ounces! He is our lil' peanut (well compared to Kingston). Chayse is such a quiet and calm baby. He only cries when he is hungry...but who wouldn't...right? His big brother Kingston loves him to pieces. He is constantly smothering him with kisses and always trying to either bounce him in his bouncer or push him in his swing. He is such a big help...well sort of. We are working on being "soft!"
Brenton and I have been adjusting to having two babies. Lucky for us, Brenton's mother Mary has been down here helping us out. She has been a great help and we have enjoyed having the extra pair of hands. Kingston started walking the day we came home from the hospital (September 14th). So as you can imagine...he is EVERYWHERE! He has learned to open up the back door and often tries to escape. We constantly have to keep our eyes on that boy!
I still can't believe I have not written a post since last year and this year is almost over! What was I thinking? I feel terrible. There goes printing my blog into a book for the year! Oh well, 2011 is another year right? For those that do not know, I have accepted orders to Okinawa, Japan for January 2011. We are still unsure of the exact dates that we will be moving...but we will be moving. Brenton and I are excited for change and a new adventure with our growing family. I don't think we are ready for the long plane flight with a 17 mo old and a 4 mo old...but we will have to manage...right?
Well, it is that time again...Baby Chayse is hungry! I promise to try my best to get on here more and update this blog so you all can keep up with the good ole' Yates in Southern California!
Brenton, Melissa, Kingston, and Chayse

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! has been a while! I am so bad at updating this thing! On a positive note...I am finally on here! Well...let me quickly rap up the year 2009 for the Yates' Family! First off...I finally started working in Labor and Delivery for the United States Navy (my dream job), I took out my endowements and Brenton and I were sealed in the San Diego Temple, and most importanly....KINGSTON MATTHEW BISHOP YATES (our son) was born on July 17th! This has been quite the year for us and has brought much excitement and happiness into our family. We are truly blessed! As 2010 approaches, Brenton and I must decided what I plan to do in the Navy. Pretty much I can get out (Deep down I really don't want to. I love my job and I love serving this country. Afterall...why not??? Somebody has do to it...right?) or it looks like we could be heading off to Okinawa, Japan. Nothing is final, but we will be making our decision very soon and will be keeping everyone posted. I know some may think...why Okinawa??? It is so far away from family...but after thinking, praying, may just be the best option for our family! It's taking that leap of faith...right Brenton! On another note, Kingston is growing so much! He amazes me everyday. I love being a mommy and spend every minute I have with my baby boy. That might explain why I am never on here! haha! Brenton is doing really well. He is currently the "stay at home daddy" and taking classes online. We really wouldn't have it any other way. I am glad at least one of us can stay home. We still have our cute puggle Hurley and currently are taking care of my parents yellow lab Shobo! They are literally best buds and get along so well. Well, I hate to keep this short and give such a short update...but I have to work tonight and welcome some babies into the year 2010!!!! I am actually excited!!! I hope this New Year brings much happiness and love into each of your homes and we love you guys!!! I will post more pictures of our Christmas adventures in another blog!!!
hugs and kisses!
Brenton, Melissa & Kingston

Saturday, August 22, 2009

What have the Yates' been up too?

Kingston's first lil' bonfire in our friends backyard...yeah he pretty much slept right thru it!
Kingston's first trip to the beach...again...passed out!

Our new friends...the Zeltner's! We absolutely love this family...they are amazing! And yes, those are identical twins who are almost 2 and a 10 month old! Busy Busy family!

This is Kingston's friend Greadon! We love this lil' boy!

And Kingston still LOVES his swing! Best thing we ever bought!

As you can see...Kingston stays pretty busy! He is 5 weeks old and has already been to Sea World, the beach, Oceanside Pier, LOTS of shopping trips with mommy, has lots of friends, and is sleeping 6-8 hours at night! We are very happy parents and could not ask for more. Mommy goes back to work on August 31st and is not looking forward to leaving Kingston behind...but Kingston loves Daddy and will do great! Well not much else is new. All of our visitors have left for the time being and Brenton and I are just working on getting in a good routine with just the two of us. So far things are great! Only drawback...we can't go to the gym together of us always stays behind!!! haha....I am not complaining! Just miss my gym partner! We do want to thank everyone for all their love and support and thanks Oma, Opa, and Nana Mary for coming to visit! We enjoyed every moment you guys were here and thanks for all your help!
We love you all!
Brenton, Melissa, Kingston & Hurley!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kingston Matthew Bishop Yates

Kingston Matthew Bishop Yates born July 17, 2009 @ 2135! Kingston is now 10 days old and already changing so much! He has been a true blessing for our family and Brenton and I couldn't not be happier...even though he keeps us up all night long!!! We absolutely love him to pieces. I am sure many of you are wondering how my labor went. It actually went A LOT better than I anticipated. I ended up going into work Friday morning in hopes that I might be sent home or at least not have to work that hard. I was contracting every 5-10 minutes and of course in pain. I am a wimp! The charge nurse decided to let me lay down for a bit and later decided I should be triage'd...and sure enough...I was admitted around 1330 and delivered at 2135! My body just did all the work all by itself and to me...I went pretty fast! Here are some pics of baby Kingston...we have tons more and I will post them at a later time. Enjoy the pics!!!:)
Hurley meeting his baby Kingston!

One proud mommy....yay...we get to go home!

One proud daddy!!!

Already blowing kisses...muah!

Our happy lil' family!

Getting my foot prints takend by Auntie Konnie! Thanks for being my nurse!

Laboring away! So comfy after that epidural!:)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Del Mar (dog) Beach

So today we went to the Del Mar (dog) beach! It was the first time we have taken Hurley to the beach since we have lived here....I know what you are thinking! We need to take him more often. He absolutely loved it. He ran right into the water with Brenton. It was so cute. He was an absolute mess when we left...all wet and covered in sand. All I could think about was our car....thank goodness we had lots of towels! I had Brenton take a couple of pics of me...we are 35 weeks pregnant!!!! My belly is getting huge! The only downside of the day was that it was overcast all morning....but the sun did manage to come out by noon and I did manage to get burnt!:( My legs are very red...haha! Well enjoy the pictures! I will try to post more later! We love and miss you all !


Brenton, Mel, Hurley & baby Kingston (in utero)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

LTJG Yates (my promotion ceremony)

So after working three nights in a row...I stayed after on that third morning to get promoted to LTJG. Here are some pics of the ceremony. Hope you enjoy!
Here is a side pic of me. People seem to enjoy pics of my belly...especially from the side here is a pic!

Here is a sweet pic of my dad and I! I am so glad he could be there on this special day. It is because of him I am doing what I am doing today! I just love the "military life."

As you can see here is a pic of Brenton and I. Look how exhausted I look. I worked three nights in a row and had to stay after on that third day for the ceremony. I was literally a walking zombie! but I made it!:) And thank you baby for being there on my special day! Get get to pin me when I make LT.!

Here is a pic of my dad pinning me. It was so special that he could be here for this special day! As a retired marine himself, he took a lot of pride in pinning his daughter...especially here at Camp Pendleton where I was born! Thank you dad for staying and being a part of my first promotion ever!

Here we are "renewing" our Oath of Office...and yes...I promise to support the constitution of the United States of America. I promise to serve this country in the best way I can!

Here is a picture of the whole gang! I normally wear skirts cause they are so much cuter...but no...I am in prego gear! haha! so flattering...I look huge! 32 weeks and counting!
After the ceremony...Brenton and I ran around the hospital signing paperwork and getting name badges...etc. all changed with the new rank! It was definately an exhausting morning. We also had an appt. with my midwife. Everything looks great! Kingston finally decided to turn and is head down! Yes!!! He is moving now more than ever. You can just watch my belly and see him move is actually kind of freaky! We are now 32 weeks pregnant...8 more to go! We definately can't wait to meet our lil' man! Hope all is well with everyone else. We love and miss you all!
Brenton, Mel, Hurley & and of course Baby Kingston (in utero)!